To practice your discipline well, is to contribute to the good function of society. But to take ideas forward or create new ways of doing things, is to make society better. We develop ideas that work in practice for our clients and the communities they serve. We are constantly assessing new contexts, technologies and behaviours to adapt traditional models of operation and communication. For us, success is sustainable and measurable economic and social impact, it is a better world.

Research as Engagement

People like to share their opinion. However, sometimes, getting them to share it requires trust. Once trust is established, the flow of information and access to social networks acts as a continuous source of insight for our clients and a better product, service or program for the communities with whom they engage. We establish a shared purpose and apply a mix of methods to ensure decisions are made with confidence. Do not settle for a 15 minute survey when much more value can be gained by Research as Engagement. 

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Social Thinking

Transformational business growth rarely, if ever, occurs from the iterative development of a product. Today, technologies and markets advance too fast. A relentless focus on systematisation and protocols also too often stifles human creativity and productivity which is ultimately the source of innovation and growth. Social Thinking is a framework for assessing the human dimension of a company’s activities. It assesses the impact of assets, finances, employees, systems, policies and contracts on employees, suppliers, stakeholders and customers. It finds solutions to problems the company often was not aware  it had, unleashing growth and productivity. It demonstrates to the socially aware consumer that their expectations are being met.

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95% of Australians use the internet to source information before taking a journey, seeing a show, buying a product or selecting a service. Investing in a highly visible website, linked to social media, is obviously a smart decision. However, how a website acts as a base for technology convergence, the user experience and the quality of content, ensures its success as a platform for communication and user analysis. Centrifuge is a cost effective web solution that uses online and mobile channels such as SMS, e-news and social media. It hosts the full range of text, image and video content as well as events and forums. And it is as effective on major infrastructure projects as it is on community sponsorships.

Nimble Marketing

Tactical opportunities to raise awareness to a cause can be rare and fleeting. Sometimes a decision is delayed until its execution is suddenly immediate, the best laid plans victim to approval processes out of step with the  speed of millisecond millennial communication. We communicators have long known the power of well chosen contribution to public debate or finding a star speaker at the eleventh hour. But the speed and volume of communication online, where most of us seek our input and entertainment, has intensified demanding sophisticated responses. That’s why we have developed Nimble Marketing, an approach with  four fundamental elements to deliver value under pressure.

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We view life as a set of stages, each definable by certain characteristics. Broadly, older Australians are planning for retirement, transitioning into retirement, in active retirement or in ‘old age’. Australia’s mature consumers have high expectations and aspirations. We help you meet them. Using detailed data, specialised research and analysis, our consultants approach audiences at a different angle. 

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