Ellis Jones’ social impact consulting practice works with clients in Australia to create social impact and deliver measurable returns to commercial businesses, social sector organisations and government. We are recognised for pioneering the application of shared value in Australia. Our core expertise is in:

  • Helping companies design and establish frameworks for creating shared value.
  • Evolving existing business models and practices to create shared value.
  • Stakeholder engagement to define shared purpose and establish cross sector partnerships.
  • Making social impact accrue to the brand via identity strategy and activation.
  • Strategic communication and reputation risk management.

Social Thinking

Our Social Thinking model is a framework for assessing the human dimensions of a company’s activities. It assesses the impact of outputs, assets, finance, employees, systems and policies, and contracts on employees, suppliers, stakeholders and customers. It finds solutions to problems the company often didn’t know it had, unleashing growth and productivity. Read more about Social Thinking. Watch a video.

Shared value strategy

We help companies engage with consumers and social sector organisations to find opportunities for creating social and business returns. We work with executives to implement strategy frameworks, establish cross disciplinary teams and make social impact a competitive advantage. Our consultants assist companies and not-for-profit organisations to develop new products, services and markets.

Shared value training

We provide introductory training and masterclasses to company and not-for-profit directors and executives, corporate social responsibility and sustainability practitioners, member organisations and operational teams. We understand how shared value is an important evolution of CSR and sustainability practice. Take home the knowledge and practical tools to create shared values for your organisation. Read more.

“Make the combined creation of social value and economic value a risk management and growth strategy for your organisation.”

Social impact measurement

We firmly believe that, to be relevant, you measure what matters to your stakeholders. You report using the channels, tools and language your stakeholders use.  And you share the task of reporting, and therefore celebration of achievement, with the people who benefit from your investment. We apply experience, design metrics and measurement tools, and develop web based visualisation and communication technology to tell the story, amplifying the results. Read more about social impact measurement.

Stakeholder engagement

Through years of qualitative and quantitative research in the health, public and infrastructure sectors, we have worked with companies, governments and communities to bring focus to value creation. Through careful questioning not only can expertise be shared, and access to intelligence gained, but a sense of shared purpose created which is much more powerful for innovation and market development. Ask us about Research as Engagement.

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