Along with opposable thumbs, the capacity for communication is part of what makes us human – fed by our desire to live in cooperative societies, to learn, to innovate and to love.  

Talking skipped to printing, to radio and television, and then to today’s proliferation of digital two-way channels. Somewhere along the way, our exchange of information hit overdrive. In no age before have we had more to say about our world than we do today.

In this context of amassing complexity, and rapid change, Ellis Jones listens, harnessing powerful insights so our clients speak to people effectively. In ways that move people to think and act differently. We affect real change.

Our services include:


Good strategy means taking the time to understand, think and plan before launching in to action. It considers context, and reveals meaningful insights. It delivers a creative response to the challenge. It channels effort toward the things that will achieve greatest impact. Good strategy amplifies value and gets award-wining results. It’s how our work helps our clients profit and improve our society.  Read more


A well thought-out campaign is anchored by a coherent concept. Founded on audience insights, and guided by strategy, it will communicate the right messages, through the most appropriate channels, at the right time, while utilising the right voices. Its outcomes are greater than the sum of its parts. Through a well thought-out campaign, people are engaged and moved. Beliefs change. People act. Read more

Public and media relations

To be effective in public relations, you must be aware. We know how to capitalise on news agendas, to move social followings, and to influence debate. Our expert consultants use both traditional and new-media to ensure clients are heard and followed. To prepare client spokespeople, executive media training, guided by experienced journalists, provides the nous to deftly intervene in public debate, and respond well to issues. Through our public relations, your brand’s position and personality emerges in the minds of your audiences. You become known.  Read more

Content marketing

Worthwhile content has the power to create advocates long before and after a purchase choice or behavioural change has been achieved.  Through the use of creative and engaging content, businesses are able to amplify reach across platforms, with the ability to recapture lapsed audiences and deliver new ones, primed to act by the share of a trusted friend. We create lasting relationships between organisations and audiences, and through content generation, shift brand awareness to action, and then advocacy. Read more


Listening and responding to communities, stakeholders and employees has never been more important. Research shows that the organisations that engage well, outperform their peers. With the tenants of participatory dialogue embedded in our approach, Ellis Jones maps sentiment and networks of influence, to deliver genuine engagement with the right people, at the right times, in the right ways, to make a difference. We facilitate avid discussion, and document outcomes to reveal the way forward. People feel heard. Debates shift.

Issues and crisis management

An issues management plan is your map to effectively navigate the storm on the horizon. Crisis management draws on experience to keep your organisation from going under, once the storm as hit. Ellis Jones offers services for both. We work with organisations to understand the risks, mitigate what we can, and prepare to manage what we can’t. For organisations in a crisis, we provide advice to deliver path out.  Read more

Speechwriting, copywriting and editing

Wordsmiths at heart, our writers know their craft intimately. We apply a profound proficiency with language to tell our clients’ stories – through the spoken and written word. Tone, voice, register and style are applied in keeping with the speaker, format, organisation and audience. Our deep sector knowledge in the industries in which we work, means we unravel complexity, to make the esoteric accessible, or even entertaining. Read more

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