With smaller teams of journalists covering fewer stories, opportunities for mainstream media coverage are reducing. At the same time, consumer consumption of company created and distributed content is dramatically increasing. We are now frequently turning to brands and organisations to provide us with smart, informative content that’s related to their area of expertise.

Content marketing is an integral element of any serious communications strategy. Its scope is wide, the results are significant. It involves content creation – copywriting, imagery, video and interactive media – which can then be re-purposed across many platforms for greater reach and impact.

Ellis Jones is a content marketing agency. Our services include:

  • Content creation (copy writing for all mediums and platforms, graphic design, video production)
  • Production management and distribution
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Strategy formation and adaptation


Content marketing establishes a meaningful, ongoing relationship between a business and its customers. One that is worthwhile for the customer, because of the information it shares and the value it creates. And a relationship that ultimately benefits the business, as it readily shifts brand awareness to advocacy; online partnerships to offline collaborations; site visits to sales conversions.

Outcomes can be measured accurately and readily, using cost effective reporting tools. Measurement and analysis refines content selection, placement, and allocation of budget. Consumer behaviour can be tracked from online to offline, providing valuable insights to inform strategy.


SEO iconSearch engine optimisation
To be found by people online, content must use the same keywords consumers do. With top ranked websites receiving 42% of all search engine traffic, it is critical that organisations get SEO right.

Sales iconSales
Engaged customers are primed to act, and transact. Content marketing can reactivate lapsed customers, provide a platform for satisfied customers to advocate, attract new customers, and lead to conversions.

consumer advocates iconConsumer advocates
Worthwhile content can create brand advocates long before and after a purchase has been made, increasing opportunities to share positive experiences, as well as your content, with their networks.

Insights iconInsights
Digital content distribution is highly measurable. Every view and click provides insights into consumer behaviour and interests. We listen, learn and report these findings to inform marketing and business strategy.

Decision making iconConfident decision making
With metrics and insights, choices are clearer and activity can be optimised for outcomes. Evidence supports confident action.

Max ROI iconMaximum return on investment
Good content can have value across multiple channels, for multiple audiences. See our ‘9 Lives of Content’ thinking.

Do you need a nimble content marketing agency? Talk to us. We’re ready to respond.